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Type Three Double Eagles 1877 - 1907 By Mike Fuljenz (**)
A new 237 page reference book by award-winning writer Michael Fuljenz, "Type Three Double Eagles 1877 - 1907," provides useful information for gold coin collectors and investors, and reveals the inspiration for the motto, "In God We Trust.

  • Over 100 full-color photographs
  • Celebrity coin collectors
  • Law enforcement tips on how to protect your valuables from theft
  • "Peter," an eagle that lived at the Philadelphia Mint and inspired coin designs
  • The definitive article on the National Motto, In God We Trust
  • Augustus Saint-Gaudens  and President Theodore Roosevelt's "Pet Crime"
Coin on the cover may vary.

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Indian Gold Coins Of The 20th Century By Mike Fuljenz (**)
Mike Fuljenz, one of the world's noted authorities on coin grading and the United States rare coin market, shares nearly 40 years of numismatic expertise in this industry-leading book, which received the 2010 Numismatic Literary Guild "Investment Book of the Year" award.
  • Award-Winner: 2010 NLG "Investment Book of the Year" 
  • Collecting strategies: type, mint, year, complete sets, and proof type
  • Theodore Roosevelt's relationship with Indian Gold Coins
  • Full-color photographs of some of the finest-known specimens
  • How to protect your guns and gold from theft
  • Augustus Saint-Gaudens revealed
  • Date by date analysis
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