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NLG Award-Winning Videos by America's Gold Expert®, Dr. Mike Fuljenz

Britannia & Liberty Gold & Silver Commemorative Coins
Dr. Mike Fuljenz is America's Gold Expert
Choosing the Right Precious Metals Dealer and Understanding Coin Prices
Dr. Mike Fuljenz talks about Coin Fraud Protection
Dr. Mike Fuljenz talks about Protecting Your Gold Investments
Best Ways and Places to Sell Your Gold
Dr. Mike Fuljenz about Coin Lawsuits
Chinese Counterfeit Coins | First Fidelity Reserve
Dr. Mike Fuljenz Explains Why Gold Historically Rises In The Fall
Dr. Mike Fuljenz Talks About the 90% Silver Kennedy Half Dollar
FOX 4 KBTV: America's Gold Expert, Mike Fuljenz, Talks About Gold and Celebrity Collectors
FOX 4 KBTV: Mike Fuljenz and Jessica Guidry honored with NLG 2013 Best Television Report Award
Dr. Dr. Mike Fuljenz Speaks at the 2016 NRA Show Foundation Banquet
Financial Security & Choosing the Right Insurance
Typically, Don't Clean Coins
Gold Bullion and Rare Gold Investments
Inflation Proof vs Inflation Plus
Type Three $20 Liberty Gold
The Value Difference Between a $20 Bill & a $20 Gold Coin
Tips to Avoid Coin Scams
The Gold Expert Advantage
Dr. Mike Fuljenz Discusses His Award-Winning Gold Guide
Dr. Mike Fuljenz Discusses the NRA & His Family
Dr. Mike Fuljenz Grades Kennedy Halves
Performance of Gold Coins & Precious Metals
Gold Bullion and Rare Gold Investments
Inflation Proof vs Inflation Plus
Why Gold and Silver is Vital Today in Your IRA
Type Three $20 Liberty Gold
Bullion Coins vs Bullion Bars
Finding a True Expert When Dealing With Gold & Gold Coins
Hamilton Introduces Fuljenz
Everyone Needs a Coach
Coin Market History & Importance of Diversification
Plus, CAC & Star Coins Defined
NRA's Tim Fisher Talks About Universal Coin and Bullion