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The Mike Fuljenz Metals Market Report

April 2015, Week 4 Edition

Gold fell under $1200 on Monday, April 20, due to another emergency rescue for Greece in the euro-zone. Although gold remains “flat” in terms of the U.S. dollar, gold rose to its second highest price level of the last two years in terms of the euro in the middle of last week. The dollar is up 13% so far this year to the euro.

The Gold Demand Picture Remains Strong Worldwide

The World Gold Council says that China’s gold demand will rise about 25% over the next few years, rising to at least 1,350 metric tons by 2017.

Russia’s Back!...Buys 1 Million Ounces Of Gold In March

Russia has more than tripled its gold hoard since 2005 and now holds about 1,238 tonnes of gold, making it the fifth largest gold owner in the world.

Essential Information On Historic U.S. Gold Coins In New Book By Mike Fuljenz

An important new reference book about a popular and historic United States gold coins series, Type Three Double Eagles 1877 - 1907 (Second Edition), provides beginning and advanced collectors and investors a date-by-date analysis of every coin in the series, historical vignettes and more than 100 full-color photographs

NRA Benefactor and Gold Expert Michael Fuljenz Honored With Six Awards At World's Fair of Money

He also was interviewed about the gold market by Fox Business Network in a live broadcast segment from the World's Fair of Money.

Michael Fuljenz, America's Gold Expert®, Honored With Press Club Awards

Michael Fuljenz, America’s Gold Expert® was honored with four awards in the 23rd annual Excellence in the Media competition conducted by the Press Club of Southeast Texas. The awards were for Fuljenz' consumer education and protection writings about buying and selling rare coins and precious metals.


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A note from the Numismatic Crime Information Center

Numismatist Mike Fuljenz is lauded by Doug Davis for his classes about the complexities of numismatic crime

Mike Fuljenz helps 42 Florida detectives become more knowledgeable about how to handle and investigate numismatic crime.

ICTA Thanks Mike Fuljenz

As you probably know, ICTA is the national trade association that is the “watch dog” for the coin/precious metals community, most especially on the federal level. We’re a comparatively very small association and can only do so much with our small staff. When being proactive with in-state dealers to try to achieve a state sales tax exemption on coins and precious metals, they usually hire a lobbyist and then work with ICTA for the education part. We then all work together to first educate the lobbyist who then may find an appropriate legislator to sponsor the bill before going to the next step of educationg the rest of the legislators. This slightly an oversimplification, but you get the idea.

  • Fox 4 KBTV: Mike Fuljenz Explains Why Gold Historically Rises In The Fall When Stocks Often Falter
    Mike Fuljenz, recent Beaumont Enterprise Award Winner, discusses gold rising, new Kennedy commemorative coins and states that are sales tax free on precious metal transactions.

  • Fox 4 KBTV: Mike Fuljenz and Jessica Guidry honored with NLG 2013 Best Television Report Award
    Mike Fuljenz discusses the billions that America would save by eliminating the penny and the dollar bill.

  • America's Gold Expert® Mike Fuljenz Received 'The Clemy' At 2013 World's Fair of Money
    America's Gold Expert® Mike Fuljenz Received "The Clemy" At 2013 World's Fair of Money
    America's Gold Expert® Mike Fuljenz, received multiple awards during the annual World's Fair of Money, including one of the profession's most esteemed honors, "The Clemy," for his consumer protection and education work in rare coins and precious metals…
  • certified rare gold and silver coins by texas coin dealer michael Fuljenz
    Mike Fuljenz Speaks to Police Agencies on Numismatic Crimes
    Sandwiched between receiving an award, autographing copies of his book and purchasing gold coins to fulfill his customers' orders, Michael Fuljenz, recently was a keynote speaker at a special training course for Texas law enforcement personnel on the topic of investigating crimes involving rare coins, bullion and jewelry.
  • Mike-Fuljenz-Goes-to-Washington-to-Support-the-Collectible-Coin-Protection-Act
    Mike Fuljenz with Rep Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) and Rep Jimmy Hayes (R-LA)
    ICTA Board of Directors Member Mike Fuljenz Goes to Washington to Support the Collectible Coin Protection Act
    I am urging coin collectors and investors nationwide to promptly contact their Congressional representatives in support of the recently introduced Collectible Coin Protection Act (HR5977).
  • KFDM-TV Channel 6 Crime Stoppers Interviews Mike Fuljenz
    KFDM-TV Channel 6 in my hometown of Beaumont,Texas recently did a Crime Stoppers story about a Texas dealer who reportedly paid only $16,000 for nearly $250,000 of coins sent to him by an 82-year old California woman.

  • Legally Diversify Your IRA With American Eagles
    In order to enjoy the best of both worlds, hedge diversification and long-term appreciation, the ideal way to own and hold precious metals in your IRA is with Gold, Silver and Platinum American Eagles.

  • Why are clients buying rare coins along with some gold bullion for diversification?
    Learn why experienced investors and collectors alike rely on our most elite Select 4 rare coin recommendations for building their collections or diversifying their portfolios…

  • Medal of Honor Silver Dollar
    Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation President Kehoe Salutes First Fidelity
    "The Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation salutes First Fidelity Reserve for all they do to support our men and women in uniform who defend our freedoms."