The $3 Indian Princess Gold Coin Comes of Age


The $3 Indian Princess gold coin was authorized for creation via the Mint Act of February 21, 1853. The legislative reasoning contended that a three dollar coin would encourage the purchase of the three-cent stamps in sheets of 100.

The $3 Indian Princess has since become one of the favored numismatic coins among collectors everywhere. There are two distinct reverse designs in the series.

Relatively few of these historic coins have survived in mint state condition. The $3 Indian Princess series from 1854-1889 is literally studded with so many low-mintage dates that the entire series could reasonably be called rare. Due to their relative scarcity, the $3 Indians are one of two key coins to own in the ever popular 12-piece gold coin type set, and "the" key coin in the perennially popular 10-piece gold coin type set. The rarest coin in the entire series is the unique 1870-S. A $3 denomination coin was never issued after 1889.

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