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First Fidelity Reserve believes that you deserve access to quality information on current and future investment trends in numismatics. With decades of numismatic experience, our experts have assembled a collection of award-winning educational resources to assist you in reaching your investing or collecting goals.

Our Numismatic Consultant, Mike Fuljenz, is a respected award-winning numismatic author with a well-established history as a numismatic authority, and he plays an integral role in all of our resource publications. When you work with First Fidelity Reserve, you benefit not only from our well-informed insights and recommendations, but you also receive resource materials that have already been acknowledged by peers within our industry as being among the best materials available anywhere.

At First Fidelity Reserve, we are committed to helping our clients reach their collecting and investment goals. To receive our award-winning educational resources and learn more about our diversification and collecting strategies, call us toll-free at (800) 336-1630. We look forward to serving you.

Investment Book Of The Year: 2010 NLG Award-Winner

In 2010, Mike Fuljenz received his fourth Numismatic Literary Guild "Investment Book of the Year Award" for Indian Gold Coins Of The 20th Century.

The book, which offers a comprehensive analysis of all three Indian gold coins produced in the 20th century, is an absolute must read for all collectors and investors, whether novice or experienced. Covering the history behind the creation of these coins during the administration of President Theodore Roosevelt, which involved two world class artists, Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Bela Lyon Pratt, Mike's book also offer a detailed look at the mint production history and the rarity rankings of the surviving certified population. At a price of only $9.95, which includes FREE shipping and handling, ordering the book may be one of the very best purchases you make all year.

For more information on this award-winning book, go here. To order, go here. ($9.95)

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By America’s Gold Expert, Mike Fuljenz

Our Award-Winning Personal Gold Guide features commentary and analysis from Our Numismatic Consultant, Michael Fuljenz, a winner of over 50 awards from the Numismatic Literary Guild for his books, newsletters, articles and media appearances. Mike's "Personal Gold Guide," which features a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the gold markets, went on to win a NLG Best Dealer Publication Award and a 1st Place Excellence in the Media Award by the Press Club of Southeast Texas.

To order a free copy of our award-winning "Personal Gold Guide," go here.

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by America’s Gold Expert, Mike Fuljenz


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